Ensoma at Mint Studios Pilates Open House!

Mint Studios is an immaculate Pilates practice established in SoMa, just around the corner from Ensoma, and ran by the lovely Elaine Hayes. As proud proprietresses, Elaine and I thrive to provide personal, unique experiences in our industry.

When I started Pilates at Mint Studios with Elaine, I immediately felt in my natural element, for we share the same attitude-free, yet high end professionalism, in a vibrant environment. Within one hour of personal one-on-one machine class, I get so much out of this extremely tailored, precisely guided training.

In a few words: lovely sense of presence, sharp and engaging mind, challenging your body to its limits, mindfully. I’m a fervent fan.

Come discover the world of Mint Studios, enjoy a special introductory, and join me!
Enjoy complimentary offerings by Ensoma: brow waxing, lip waxing, and shoulders, neck, scalp massage.


Mint Open House Flyer




Ensoma is proud to feature the Happy French Gang.

Meet Sandra Dejanovic, the hip and chill hot mama who designs and creates dreamy blankets. They are made with love, from a hand dyed indian natural cotton, picture a marshmallow pastel color of your choice, with an vibrant neon trim. This is the kind of inspiring, juicy, artful touch we want in our everyday life!

Dress up your couch, revive your lazy Sundays in bed, get some peps this spring and brighten up your home! The full collection is now available at Ensoma for purchase.


Good Things Come In Pairs!

Elements and Altitude, by Zenaida Sengo



We have been busy “nesting” our space in anticipation of your next visit.

Structurally, two warm and intimate treatment rooms emerged in the Mezzanine.  Elevating your perspective to a rather cosy atmosphere, we are now open to entertain a pair in tandem.

Good things come in pairs!

Make it a Twosome:  Book the same service(s) for you and your BFF, lover, peer, soul sister, significant other and enjoy 20% savings for two.   It’s THE perfect gift for that special someone!

To book online for two, be sure to select TWO GUESTS – A COUPLE from the drop-down list.
Offer valid for any facial and/or waxing services. Cannot be combined with other offers.
Discount will be applied at checkout.  Good through 4/01/14


Spread the word:  Whether you express your verve about Ensoma online, or manifest some eloquent word-of-mouth around you. Earn 100 loyalty points (value $10) for each friend you refer! Be sure to tell your friend to mention your name to get 15% off their first visit.

Valid for facials, massage and waxing services only.  Cannot be combined with other offers.
First time guest discount will be applied at checkout.


Featuring Charles Papillo

17 10-23-35
Garment I - 60” x 120”  -  mixed media on paper.


Charles Papillo has had ongoing artwork featured at Ensoma. This new series is yet another subtle illustration of what we naturally cultivate: an invitation to strip away from your daily accoutrement, peeling off layers, to embody your true self via beauty rituals. Experience personable care, download and restore, surrounded by stunning visual treats.


Only 3 days left!




Book now with Rahnie, Mai, or Amy and enjoy $10 savings on your Brazilian bikini wax.




Aoi Yamaguchi Calligraphy Art Installation: “Remembrance”


Just in time for the holiday season – We would like to invite you to the exhibition of Aoi’s conceptual calligraphy artworks at Ensoma. All artworks will be for final sale! Perfect for a surprise holiday gifts, or for your collection to nourish your home or creative space. Please bring your friends, loved ones and art patrons, and enjoy complimentary delicious sake with us!

December 5 2013 @ Ensoma Marion Pernoux / 6-10pm
FREE entrance / Complimentary sake
Please RSVP here!

More about Aoi Yamaguchi Calligraphy


Get Cosy

Photo by Natasha Riboud.

Tree of Gers

Let’s warm up to nurturing beauty rituals this season!


The Indian Summer is now officially wrapped away, and we welcome the crisp grey skies as a reason to stay in, cocooned…

Come practice the art of letting go, indulging in the signature Ensoma touch:

In every step of the way, through lavish skin care, swift landscaping, and profound massage therapy, our raison d’être manifests in each unique, personable experience.

Our ensemble of five aestheticians is now at your service, 7 days a week, on extended hours through the evening.  Meet the team



We crafted together decadent sequences, combining high-end formulations and aromatherapy. Some of our favorite treatments this season:

  • Cranberry Crush Peel ~ a powerful, deliciously juicy and potent enzymatic peel loaded with cranberry and pomegranate extracts to revive your epidermis from dullness, congested pores, and to reveal a vibrant complexion. {Book the Peel-Me-Off Facial}
  • 3 Cereals Warm Mask ~ flaxseed, wheat germ and sunflower seeds, excellent sources of omega 3s, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory, are freshly grounded and whipped up to a snug, grounding mask to protect and nourish your skin. {Book the Cosmeceutical & Botanical Facial}
  • Mini Pumpkin Peel ~ formulated with pumpkin pulp, rich in enzymes and antioxidants that will gently exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. Ideal for age management and acne concerns.  {At-home treatment, available for online and in-store purchase}



One shot, a few strips, and you’re on your way. As you strip down, let us know exactly what would take the edge off:  a hot shot of Irish Cream?  blasting your favorite Le1f song?  holding on tightly to your teddy bear?  cathartic laughing?  existential chats?  Now, we’re talking.  We love having you over.



For just a moment: turn off the cerebral self, and tune in to your body. Purposely make time to pause. Deep tissue massage, trigger point tension release, and a warm mother-hand will help you download physically, mentally, emotionally.

Massage work regulates respiration, promotes deeper and easier breathing; calms the nervous system, relieves restlessness, stimulates the release of endorphins (the body’s natural painkiller), improves the circulatory and lymphatic systems, Helps the body to restore and heal itself via the endocrine system.

It reaches deep. As an alternative, we challenge you to take THREE conscious deep breaths a day. Just do it!





Plan a sweet pampering session in tandem with that special someone, or gather your BFFs to indulge in a private spa party.

Share this unique Ensoma experience! Each guest receives a tailored session with their preferred services { waxing, facials, massage, tinting, makeup, hairdo, eyelash extension, etc. } while listening to your favorite music, sipping tea, feasting on locally crafted organic chocolates, flipping through foreign tasteful magazines, enjoying fresh artwork…

You may reserve le Salon de Beauté any morning or evening for your special occasion.  For more details, please call 415.252.8535 or email





  • Schedule your upcoming appointments anytime of the day. Ultra convenient!
  • Online purchases: order skin care and body care products for delivery or pick-up, and buy printable gift certificates (it is about time that you share the love).
  • We require a valid credit card number to secure all appointments.
  • We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of any personal information you give us and all payment information are securely processed.


If you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, as a courtesy to other guests and our therapists, a 24-hour notice is required to avoid being charged the full amount (100%) of all services scheduled.  ”No shows” will be charged the full amount of the service(s) booked.






Select services provided especially for you by Mai, Rahnie, Lola, and Yung Ai


Throughout Fall, enjoy $10 savings on Brazilians For Her at Ensoma
                                                                                            Valid through 12/31/2013


Enjoy 20% savings on a series of the following two facials that focus on resurfacing our skin. Repairing from summertime aftermath, while anticipating the gloomy season, boosting your skin natural strength.

Must be purchased by 10/31/2013
Series certificate expires 6 months from date of purchase
Limit one series per person
  • Cosmeceutical+Botanical Facials        (Series of 3) $300.00

    Loaded with active ingredients to restore your skin from sun damage, debris build-up, and dullness. Get a fresh start, smoothing out the superficial layers, engaging your epidermis metabolism, and nourishing your skin tissues. Includes lavish massage pauses to pamper you above and beyond.

  • Peel Me Off Facial        (Series of 3)  $180.00

    Achieve tangible results with a supercharged professional grade enzymatic and acid peels. Reaching the regenerative dermal tissue, every peel treatment will further improve your skin’s health and help reverse free radical damage, correct uneven texture, while engaging elastic fibers synthesis to plump up your skin. Inside-and-out. Book every other week to optimize results.



Ladies and gentlemen, Benilda T.-K., 79 years-young Hispanic lady, doyenne of Ensoma, my heroine. She taught herself French while reciting Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Apollinaire poetry as a young woman, has endless epic stories on existence, practices yoga every day, tutors youth in the Mission District, and schedules her beauty appointments at Ensoma… via postcards mailing. I want to be just like You, Benilda, when I grow up.


See you all soon again!

        – Your Marion & The Wonder Women


Let’s speak chic!

This Fall season, get your wardrobe edited, shopped and strategized by our fashion specialist Jill Siefert

This will save you time and money and of course keep you looking your most fabulous! Re-style and Re-invent your style with stylist Jill at a special discounted price: 1st time Ensoma clients receive a 20% package discount, and new referral clients will enjoy 10% off.

Are you looking to upgrade your style ? Re-work your wardrobe? Go through your closet and have it curated to fit your lifestyle?

Jill has worked with clients in NYC, and abroad and here in SF for the past 10 years. She is known for achieving a luxe look for less $. You will save time and money with Jill. And project the image you want to attract in your life, whether it is a love, a job or just a brand image. Jill knows how to professionally curate your current wardrobe and bring new life to your every day of getting dressed.

A stylist isn’t only for celebrities, Jill’s passion is to work with women and to have them shine in their own unique way!

Make an appointment today to receive a special discount!

Contact infos:
Check out Jill’s blog at:


Autumn Specials


We are family.

Lola, Mai, Marion, Rahnie and Yung Ai,

all of us zealous aestheticians come from a singular background: our curriculum, professional experience and passion for skincare and servicing amazing people like You, brought us together. Our savoir faire is eclectic, and we aim to nurture one another as we are growing with inspiration and deepening our core prowess.

Deliberately reinventing the practice of servicing you, we found ourselves sharing the sameleitmotiv: beyond the mom and pop shop and away from the corporate world, we want to provide you with unique, excellent care, techniques and proficiency, within a vibrant, intimate environment.


Mai Adachi

Mai has been dedicating her skin care expertise for over 7 years in the luxurious spa service environment. She excels in cosmeceutical grade facials. Her soft spoken demeanor beholds highly knowledgeable professional resources to guide you towards a substantial skin care regimen. She also reigns as a brazilian waxing mentor, and services brow & lash tinting.

Yung Ai Avila

Yung Ai embodies Mother Nature in every aspect of her career as an aesthetician and sugaring specialist. She favors holistic skincare, and applies her healing touch and effervescent personality to gentle waxing, organic skincare, and non-invasive, eco-friendly sugaring hair removal. Her yoga practice, meditation, and energy work will zen you out while in her care. Her mottos are “always do your best and let your light shine!”

Lola Amy Lo

Miss Amy Lo, a.k.a Lola: her sweetness and assertive dexterity will leave you at ease when it comes to skincare and hair removal. She is one zealous aesthetician with a promising career, freshly graduated from a renowned skin care institute, her practicum already surpasses the professional standards.

Rahnie Smith

After four years of freelancing as a makeup artist in New York City, Rahnie returned to San Francisco in 2009, broadened her aesthetician’s skill set to high end spa services, ranging from indulging facials to medical grade treatments. Rahnie perseveres in her professional education to provide her guests with most up-to-date proficiency. She exults such a gleeful presence, with that sharpened mind from an East Coast adoptee, and developed her own approach to caring for people, with an incredible attentiveness.

We’ve extended our salon hours:

Monday             10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday               9:30 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday         9:30 am - 9:00 pm
Thursday             9:30 am - 9:00 pm
Friday                  9:30 am - 9:00 pm
Saturday             9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday              10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Warm Up To The Hot Team, Welcome To The New You!
Selected services provided especially for you by Mai, Rahnie, Lola, and Yung Ai

Brazilian Landscape
Throughout Fall, enjoy $10 savings on Brazilians For Her at Ensoma!
Valid through 12/31/2013

Skin Salvation
Enjoy 20% savings on a series of the following two facials that focus on resurfacing your skin. Repairing from summertime aftermath, while anticipating the gloomy season, boosting your skin natural strength.
Must be purchased by 10/312013. Offer expires 6 months from date of purchase. Limit one series per person.

  • Cosmeceutical+Botanical Facials                   Series of 3     $300.00
    Loaded with active ingredients to restore your skin from sun damage, debris build-up, and dullness. Get a fresh start, smoothing out the superficial layers, engaging your epidermis metabolism, and nourishing your skin tissues. Included: lavish massage pauses to pamper you above and beyond.
  • Peel Me Off facials                                                  Series of 3     $180.00
    Achieve tangible results with a supercharged professional grade enzymatic and acid peels. Reaching the regenerative dermal tissue, every peel treatment will further improve your skin’s health and help reverse free radical damage, correct uneven texture, while engaging elastic fibers synthesis to plump up your skin. Inside-and-out. Book every other week to optimize results.

Book Online

We recently transitioned to a more sophisticated and versatile software that will ensure a smooth and reliable booking experience to manage your upcoming appointments (modify, reschedule, etc.), to keep track of your series and previous sessions, to order products for delivery, to purchase printable gift certificates, to sign-up our waiting list, etc. Explore our updated list of services, check out our specials and packages,

This way, please…

From a solitary practice to a tandem, to a sisterhood: I feel profoundly grateful for the opportunity to gather such enthusiastic talents.  Beyond cultivating an established personal practice, Yung Ai, Rahnie, Mai and Lola are a privilege to work with, while honoring Ensoma beauty rituals standards





Great Lawn London 3rd

I got news for you.

          JULY SCHEDULE: I will be away from July 4th to July 19th. Summer is our busiest time of the year so please book your sessions well ahead of time.

During this period, my superstar aesthetician Rahnie will be available on extended hours: consult our online booking system to stay updated.


          NEW ADDITION TO THE SKIN CARE MENU: Come get your skin care fix with our two cosmeceutical peels with immediate results, as they target deep exfoliation, stimulate collagen & elastin synthesis, and reverse sun damage.

After a skin analysis, we will select the peel that suits your particular needs, to reveal a vibrant, healthy skin tone, from within.

* Double Trouble is a 20% L-Lactic Acid
for any skin type, from aging to oily to problematic and sensitive skins. Focuses on hyperpigmentation, with pomegranate acai extract, promoting cell turnover, brightening the skin, and preserving its integrity. Its antioxidant rich formula combats congestion & blemishes, minimizes the effect of free radical damage, provides a powerful assortment of protection and corrects hyperpigmentation.

Ingredients: Pomegranate Fruit, Lactic Acid 20%, Lactobacillus Pomegranate enzyme, Acai Fruit, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Mangosteen Fruit, Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Olive Fruit, Neem, Camu Camu Fruit.

* Cocktail+ Vermouth Twist Peel is a potent BHA, AHA and Retinol peel, designed for congested, oily and problematic skins, it regulates the secretion of sebum, decongests open comedones and smoothes the overall texture of the epidermis, while stimulating new cell production. Especially beneficial to fight against ongoing conditions that can occur with problem skin.

Ingredients: Salicylic Acid 15%, Lactic Acid 2%, Tartaric Acid, Vermouth, Retinol 1%, Resveratrol, Spin Trap (our super hero), Red Wine Extract.

30 minute session, $55.00

For optimal results, series of 6 peels, $275.00 (reg. $330.00)

Book a peel every other week, with the commitment of sun protection.


          WAITING CORNER: As a smooth transition from the exhilarating Sixth Street scene to the harem of Ensoma, we created a “petit coin tranquille” for you to be buzzed in, shall you arrive early, feeling eager to enter Ensoma at once. Preferably, arrive just right on time, to preserve privacy and as to not disturb the ongoing session. Have a seat and flip a zine for a minute. We will be right with you.


          ARTWORK ROTATION: One of the greatest privileges I have in this life is to hold, present, and share loved ones’ creations within Ensoma, this ‘private public’ space, hosting one guest at a time.

Artist photographer Natasha Riboud, recently moved to Sausalito from New York City.  ”Dancing 2″, a collaboration created for me personally, is a part of the Photo Stories – sequences of superimposed frames which construct various scenes or emotions.  She hopes the viewer will find herself immersed in the image, traveling along the picture the way a person reads a narrative or watches a film unfold.  You can see more of her work on her website at
For me, she emanates the feminine effervescence and incarnates the art of being a woman.

In the past couple of years, a lot of you had the pleasure to glance at Charles Papillo’s  Red Flame Bird It was at home, here at Ensoma and it felt so naturally comforting and captivating. If you would like to see the Red Flame Bird in a special public space, let us know.

Charles recently installed “Aerial Aether”, a suspended mobile that echoes the artist’s organic aspiration, with fierceful vectorial edges. It brings a fresh dynamic to the space, and engages the stare from below, while its shadows surround us and resonate onto the walls.


     Happy summertime, see you all so soon again.

Your Marion

Photography credits: Natasha Riboud,