“I’ve got you under my skin.”
-Frank Sinatra

We purposefully tailor your facial course with a selection of targeted treatments, in order to meet your individual goals in the given moment. Every rendez-vous is a unique, sur-mesure experience, addressing your skin particular needs.

Your aspirations may evolve from time to time: we feature equally cosmeceutical remedies and botanical therapies, that we further may combine.



“Let us cultivate our garden.”

Allow us to be the gardeners. We consider depilatory procedures as a form of landscaping, grooming the wild jungle into a Zen garden…

Depilatory sessions feature the most effective yet gentle, non-irritating hair removal techniques leaving the skin silky smooth with no wax residue. The result: a thorough, tidy and practically pain-free grooming experience.

Using aromatherapeutic Italian wax with a soft creamy formula infused with soothing, astringent and antiseptic essential oils, and a stripless wax (the original French hard wax) with non-tacky texture which effectively reduces the adherence of wax to the skin and “shrink wraps” the hair for ease of removal on delicate areas.



“Le soleil des mains mobilise la chair muette.”
-Andrée Chedid

Grounding bodywork integrating Zen Shiatsu acupressure with Thai stretches, combined with Swedish movements and deep tissue trigger points tension relief, engaging your centering through deeper breathing, supporting psychosomatic awareness, listening to the heartbeat and other subtle expressions of the body.



A subtle yet exquisite hands on treatment that allows for superior functioning of the physiological body. Focused gentle touch releases restrictions in the craniosacral system. The body and mind can feel a more easeful state, releasing trauma and balancing the central nervous system.



The art of aromatherapy is combined with vita-flex massage technique in this stimulating and detoxifying session. Nine immune system boosting therapeutic grade essential oils are applied to the feet as well as dropped along the spine and diluted the massage oil of your choice. Release of emotions and toxins is encouraged by bringing the body, mind and spirit into balance and harmony. A soothing, relaxing and nurturing treatment.



“It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.”
-Donna Karan

Everyone can benefit from a little less stress, in today’s busy world, we are all often overstimulated and overworked, taking the time to intentionally relax can be potent and profound.  Urban Zen Integrative Therapy incorporates restorative yoga, breath awareness, essential oil therapy, Reiki, and body scans. Private sessions include techniques and sequences to practice at home and cultivate a consistent meditative sanctuary.

*** Yoga mats and props will be provided for use during the session ***



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